Saturday, December 18, 2010

DJ Angelo

DJ Angelo

The UK's Angelo Tun (DJ Angelo) has been mixing, DJing and tutoring turntablists for over a decade. He's been featured on the BBC and performed around the world with artists such as Krafty Kuts, The Scratch Perverts and DJ Yoda. Check out his Christmas scratch track on our 2010 Christmas Special HERE.

He's won numerous DJ competitions, including the Gemini Extreme V National DJ Competition (twice), and was the very first turntable specialist at His free video tutorials on subjects such as scratch technique and beat juggling have become some of the most watched tutorials on YouTube. The artist has also worked professionally with companies such as MTV, Nokia and Red Bull.

Without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with DJ Angelo...

*Name: DJ Angelo

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: My full name is Angelo Tun.

*Members: Just me (and my turntables!)

*Founding Members:

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations:
Turntable Creations - I’m a turntablist, party DJ, producer/remixer, DJ Tutor, videographer…….video-game enthusiast! After soon getting bored with mixing and blending music, I explored turntablism which satisfied my desire to use turntables to the fullest, and I discovered ways of harnessing the turntable as a musical instrument. I now try and represent the entire art of DJing and have tried my hand at club DJing, DJ battles, producing mixtapes, conceptual turntable compositions, music production, performing with other musicians, teaching DJing etc.

*Another genre descriptor:
I describe my sound as “Feel Good Fusion” because when I perform live, I cut and blend a lot of different genres to create good vibes for my audience. Aside from the turntablism, I first and foremost enjoy rocking parties and I try to embody everything that a DJ should be as an entertainer.

*Is there a story behind your name?
It didn’t take too much thought! When I was younger, I did use the name “Scratchmo” for about a year before I decided it sounded ridiculous, so just opted for my name to keep things simple!

*Location: I’m based in the UK , currently living in the Midlands, near Nottingham.

*Original Location:
I’ve lived all over the UK , starting out in Brixton, London.

*What is your creative/artistic background:
Since I was a child, I’ve always been into music and technology so when I discovered DJing, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to do. I’ve also really been interested in video since my father bought a camcorder when I was 7 years old. After school, I studied a Media Technology degree at university and now I guess I’m able to tie all of my passions together.

*History: I’ve been a DJ for about 14 years in total but only went full-time at it 5 years ago.

I was originally born in Rangoon, Burma but my family emigrated to the UK when I was a baby.

*Motivations: I’m motivated to make a significant impact with people from all over the world, and use the art of DJing to communicate and promote positivity. Having been a DJ for years, I’ve experience first-hand just how powerful music is as a universal language, and the direct relationship it has with human emotion. Turntablism has the ability to convey this on a higher level… I honestly feel that I was destined to be a DJ because, it’s something that came very naturally to me and I’ve loved it since I was at school. Even though I may have ventured on other career paths, I could never contain my love of music and my passion for entertaining people.

I’m passionate about keeping the “lost art of DJing” alive and showcasing turntablism to bigger audiences and bigger platforms. Despite technology hurtling forward at a great pace, turntablism has and always will be about human skill, creativity, and dedicated years of practice - a culture that surely deserves respect! In recent years, I discovered my ability to teach and inspire others and I now produce popular turntablism tutorial videos for DJ Tutor and YouTube, as well as hosting numerous community DJ classes and workshops. This helps me to share important information about the artform I know and love, to a new generation of DJs. Reaching my own potential is a personal goal and so I always encourage my students to be the best they can be.

*How would you like to be remembered: I would like to be remembered as a genuine all-round DJ entertainer, who drew his inspirations from pioneers such as Grandmaster Flash, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze, and DJ Kentaro. In turn I hope to have inspired new DJs to discover turntablism and to continue elevating the artform.

*Web address:


Ted said...

Angelo is amazing. A true DJ representing an artform that has sadly become so watered down over the years. You're an inspiration mate!

Ted, USA

Unknown said...

Nothing but respect for how Dj Angelo approaches the craft. Clearly put the work in to become a master. This is the achieved level a skill that pushes the art form to progression. -M.BLACK