Saturday, July 17, 2021

Episode 272, Some Assembly Required

01 Marc Johnce & Dan Mei – “Crazy Rock N Roll Sugar Night Gambler”
02 Awkward – “Halfway Home”
03 Cornelius – “Thank You for the Music”
04 The Tape Loops – “Akk Dakk”
05 Akakage – “Fop”
06 Buttress O’Kneel – “Ronny Gladstone”
07 Raymond Scott – “Tick Tock Cuckoo on Planet Mars”
08 Phil Retrospector – “The Boys are Back in Heaven”
09 Raymond Scott – “The Toy Penguin”
10 Jeffrey Sconce – “Search and Destroy the Binary”
11 Double Dee – “Realm of the Jezebel Spirit”
12 Bill McClintock – “Bang Your Head (It’s a Celebration)”
13 Jazzy Jeff – “A Touch of Jazz”
14 DJ Tripp – “Royal Losers”
15 La Musique Populaire – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”

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Thursday, July 08, 2021

Episode 271.5, or “Not Some Assembly Required” (as hosted by “Noj Noslen”), aired live in 2004, at WCSB, in Cleveland, OH.

"Noslen" was Joe Sweeny, a DJ at the college radio station who acted as our shepherd there, back when we were syndicating the program. New episodes were running late that quarter and instead of airing a re-run, he decided to get creative! This is taken from the recording he sent, Fall of 2004.

KBOO ran some special programming last month during our regularly scheduled time slot, so I took the month off and thought I'd upload this in the meantime.

Thanks again to Joe Sweeny!
Episode 271.5, Some Assembly Required

01 Steinski and Mass Media - “It’s Up To You (The War Mix)"
02 Negativland - “Tribal Mandate (Negativland Mix)”
03 Dockstader - “Apocalypse (Parts One & Two)"
04 Ros Bobos - “Test Section Announcement”
05 The Evolution Control Committee - “Enriched White Bread (The True Tale)”
06 The Button - (Track 9, "Ten Family Minutes")
07 Eddie the Rat - “Ronnie Camaro Goes to College”
08 Stark Effect - “Armour Hot Kids”
09 Paul Lansky - “Notjustmoreidlechatter”
10 Escape Mechanism - “Culture"

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