Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Cheer

A few Early Recommendations for Christmas Cheer...

I've got my 2010 Christmas Episode all ready to go. It's going up this weekend - Stay tuned! [update: Now Available HERE]. In the meantime, here are some Xmas Collage Albums which are definitely worth checking out...

The Found Sound Orchestra - "CHRISTMAS MIDGETS"
I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the Found Sound Orchestra's NEW Christmas Album, "Christmas Midgets". Formerly known as team9, The Found Sound Orchestra is taking all of their mashup skills and pushing them in just a slightly different direction these days. This album is destined for greatness! Check it out HERE.

Various Artists - "SANTASTIC V: SNOW, MAN!"
I got ahead of myself this year, I was so excited about doing another Xmas Mix, and this is another album I missed in the process. This is a really good series, and you can find all five of them linked to from DJ BC's website. Check it out HERE.

"Kittinfish Mountain's Christmas Conundrum"
There are so many I could list, but I'll stick to just these three for now. Released in 2006, Kittinfish Mountain was totally new to me. A sugar rush of sound collage, this should round things out nicely... Enjoy! Check it out HERE.

Stay tuned for the Some Assembly Required Christmas Special - Available This Weekend...

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson

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