Saturday, February 20, 2021

Episode 267, Some Assembly Required

01 Mad Mix Mustang – “I Got More Than A Feeling”
02 The Books – “Be Good to Them Always”
03 J Dilla – “Hi.”
04 Max Tundra – “Typify Dialup Toll Amateurishness”
05 Leksa – “Sweet Memories”
06 The Avalanches – “If I Was a Folkstar”
07 People Like Us – “The Other Side”
08 Cut & Paste – “Watch This Sound”
09 DJ Fletch – “I Wanna Get High”
10 Jim of Seattle – “Welcome to Windows”
11 Party Ben – “Fischervana (Smells Like Emerge)”
12 The Flashbulb – “The History of Rain”
13 The Reborn Identity – “Lauren’s Opus”

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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Back in the year 2000, I mustered up the courage to get Don Joyce on the phone and blasted through a long interview with him, despite having little idea what I was doing.

Twenty years later, listening again to what was my first ever radio interview, I’m surprised how good it came out, considering the circumstances.

Here’s both parts of that first ever interview, for Some Assembly Required. I’m including the whole recording, as a kind of time capsule, but couldn't resist playing some music, too. (Only a small part of our conversation aired HERE, in 2001).

Available Now! For the First Time Ever! Enjoy!

The Full 2000 Phone Interview with Negativland's Don Joyce
Part One HERE
Part Two HERE

Thanks for listening,
Episode 266, Some Assembly Required
(Part Two)

(Full 2000 Interview with Don Joyce)

01 Negativland – “Content”
02 Negativland – “Time Zones”
03 Negativland – “The Way Of It”
04 Negativland – “No Business”
05 Negativland – “Freedom’s Waiting”
06 Negativland – “True/False Tour (live excerpt)”

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