Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 6, 2007

January 6, 2007

Not much to report this week. Working hard to wrap up the next quarter's worth of episodes and then get them all out to the syndicating stations. Also, our podcast this week (episode 128) will be the very last archived (read: re-run) episode. So stay tuned for a podcast schedule in sync with the broadcast schedule. Yeeha.

Actually, next week we'll be running a special DJ Mix, instead of an episode of the show. I basically stopped doing that last year, after podcasting a few special mixes and trying to work them in among the archived episodes. I don't see the special mixes coming back really, but I thought I'd throw this one in before jumping on the brand new schedule. Stay tuned for episode 128, in just a few, and then be sure to come back next week for a special mix of about 53 minutes worth of my favorite, semi-recent (as far as I know, anyway!) mashups. These are bastard pop tracks by 11 mashup artists who I've been playing around at parties and art openings and whatnot. I had fun putting together the mix and thought it would make a good break before going to new episodes in a couple of weeks.

Another small change this year: I've decided to start posting the weekly Q&A as its own blog entry, starting this week. After posting last year's list of Q&A's and then going through and looking at some of them, it occurred to me that it might have been easier to navigate if the links had just gone straight to each feature, sans my personal (often time-sensitive) notes before each one. So, that's something which will change this year. From now on, if I have anything to say, it will go in a short post like this one, prior to posts with the artist feature/Q&A, followed finally by the post featuring that week's episode.

Yet another goal for the blog: easier navigation in 2007. Catchy slogan, huh? Stay tuned for Episode 128, and a feature on The Tape-beatles... Coming right up.

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Jon Nelson

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