Sunday, January 07, 2007

Episode 128, Some Assembly Required

Episode 128, Some Assembly Required

01 Manifest With Mr Thing – “Unorthodox Turntabular Angles”
02 Szeki Kurva – “The stars are shining”
03 Realistic – “Smells Like Teen Disco”
04 Christian Marclay - “Maria Callas”
05 The Tape-beatles – “The American Adventure”
06 The Wholesome Family Singers – “I Think It's Wednesday”
07 Sucking Chest Wound – “Bring'em To Their Knees”
08 Lecture on Nothing – “Chicken sludge”
09 Tom Recchion – “The Final Fattening”
10 Wolfram – “IHIHI”
11 Twink – “Hip Hopera”
12 Cheekyboys – “Smack my bitch up when doves cry”
13 Think Tank - “Kobiyashi Moru”
14 Woulds – “Oh, the humanity”
15 Party Ben – “Somebody Rock Me”

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Oh my gosh! You play so much of the same music I play on my program. Nutty! Have you played Forss before? Haven't seen him on the playlists yet.
My favorite is Soulhack.

Jon Nelson said...

Good recommendation!
I hadn’t, and didn’t find anything by Forss until recently.
Sorry I didn’t respond sooner.