Friday, April 30, 2010

Blogger Migration Complete?

Well, it looks like it worked! With a little help from my brother, and stAllio!, the SAR Blog has successfully migrated to its new spot here, at:

Blogger has informed me that our feed subscribers will need to update their feed subscriptions to the following:

So, hopefully people will get the message about that somehow. I will look into how this will affect the podcast this weekend, and hopefully be ready to continue podcasting by next weekend... Again, wish me luck...

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson


Unknown said...

I just came to your website, and upon clicking the link

"For Current Playlists, please consult the SAR Blog:

It took me to the old page, just thought I'd bring that to your attention.

Jon Nelson said...

thanks Graeme!

I appreciate the feedback, especially with the recent changes - if anyone else spots anything odd, of if there are any problems downloading this week's episode, please let me know. My email address is:
assembly (AT)

thanks again,