Sunday, January 25, 2009

Episode 224, Some Assembly Required

Episode 224, Some Assembly Required
(Tenth Anniversary Episode)

01 The Evolution Control Committee - “No Time For Yes”
02 Wayne Butane - “Backwash (segment)”
03 Escape Mechanism - “Culture”
04 Escape Mechanism - “What's Happening”
05 Realistic - “Post-Corporate Fantasy”
06 The Evolution Control Committee - “Rebel without a pause”
07 John Oswald - “Pretender”
08 Unknown - “Closer to da club (50 inch nails)”

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Jon Nelson said...

Some notes on a couple of the essays/books mentioned in this week's episode...

The Walter Benjamin essay I was referring to was "Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," and "The Culture of the Copy" was written by Hillel Schwartz.

Another book I'd recommend is "Will Pop Eat Itself?" by Jeremy Beadle. Check out the Print section at's Rhizome Page for more good reading...

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson