Sunday, January 25, 2009

50/50: Call For Artists

Some Assembly Required And Present:
The Fifty/Fifty Compilation: CALL FOR ARTISTS

To celebrate Some Assembly Required's Tenth Anniversary, and SAR are teaming up to produce a compilation of fifty-second tracks, by as many as fifty artists...

To have your work considered for this online compilation, please submit your original works of sound collage, featuring at least 50% post consumer audio (sounds found in the media) by March 16, 2009.

Details below...

The Short Version:
Who: Everyone (outsiders, emerging and established artists from all genres are encouraged to submit little masterpieces).
What: Sound Collage tracks composed of at least FIFTY PERCENT recycled sounds, with a running time of exactly FIFTY SECONDS. See below for more details (“The Long Version”).
Where: The recycled sounds must be sourced at least 50% from the media environment (radio, tv, movies and other media). The compilation is being assembled in Minnesota. Submissions are welcome from anywhere in the world.
When: You’ve got FIFTY days to put together your 50-second tracks - so we’ll stop taking submissions at midnight on March 16, 2009. You may submit up to five tracks.
Why: Some Assembly Required is celebrating its tenth anniversary!
How: Send your submissions to one of the following addresses by 3/16/09:
Email: assembly (at)
Mail: Some Assembly Required, 2751 Hennepin Ave. S. (#145), Minneapolis, MN 55408

Even More Details...

The Long Version:
Who: Everyone. Since we’re working with mnartists on this project, at first we were thinking to just ask artists from Minnesota, but then decided to extend the invitation to artists in all FIFTY states. Finally, we agreed that anyone in the world was welcome to participate.
What: We’re looking for FIFTY-second tracks composed of at least FIFTY percent recycled sounds. Further, those sounds need to be recycled from the media environment. Folks who listen to Some Assembly Required on a regular basis will recognize that these are the criteria we follow when selecting tracks to play on the show. All of the sample based music and audio art featured weekly on SAR is at least fifty percent recycled from the media environment. We also tend to favor tracks whose vocals are 100% sampled, so while some instrumentation and other sounds recorded or found in places other than the media environment are permitted, it’s extremely rare that original vocals, whether it’s singing, rapping or speaking, have been aired on the show. The focus is on what an artist can do creatively, with sounds he or she finds on the radio, the television and in the movies and other media…
Where: The compilation is being put together in Minnesota, but artists from around the world are invited to participate. The compilation will be made available online - so it will be available to practically everyone, “everywhere.”
When: The call for submissions is being made today (Sunday, January 25), and we’re giving you FIFTY days to put together as many as five, short (FIFTY-second) tracks and mail them to us (mailing address below) or submit them to us electronically (email address below). So, we need to see your submission postmarked by March 16, or it needs to arrive in our email inboxes by Midnight, March 16 in order to be considered.
Why: Some Assembly Required is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and we wanted to do something fun to commemorate the occasion. Also, I’ve been getting into really short tracks lately and wanted to encourage more submissions at the same time, so this seemed like an interesting project.
How: As mentioned above, please submit (up to five) FIFTY-second tracks, composed of at least FIFTY percent recycled sounds (found in the media), and mail them by March 16, to: Some Assembly Required, 2751 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408, or email: Assembly (AT)

NOTE: Please send the highest quality soundfile you have. These are short tracks, so even if you’re submitting them as email attachments, feel free to send the largest, fullest version of the original track…

We’ll start collecting right away and won’t stop until March 16, at which point we will select our FIFTY favorites for an online compilation at

Please send questions to assembly (at)

Jon Nelson

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