Thursday, November 18, 2021

Episode 278, Some Assembly Required

01 DJ Schmolli – “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”
02 Den Sorte Skole – “Layton”
03 People Like Us – “My Son Jim”
04 The Avalanches – “Frontier Psychiatrist”
05 DJ Signify – “Five Leaves Left”
06 Tycoon Tosh – “Country House (Do You Want a Horse Riding Extended)"
07 DJ Remould – “(Nancy Sinatra vs. The Cardigans vs. No Doubt)”
08 John Oswald – “Anon”
09 Susumu Yokota – “The Plateau Which The Zephyr Of Flora Occupies”
10 CCC – “Lust Train”
11 Den Sorte Skole – “Lowmax”
12 DJ Zebra – “Oh Brother Ray”
13 Chrispy – “Old Town Timber”

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Francis said...

great Mix Jon! Keep up the awesome job!

Francis said...

Not sure why it says Anonymous? Francis here. As I mentioned before _ always get pleasure from finding the samples. I recently dug into The Avalanches. WOW! Keep doing what your doing.