Friday, October 22, 2021

Episode 277, Some Assembly Required

01 Illchemist – “Feel Alright”
02 John Oswald – “Way”
03 Fissunix – “End of the Walrus”
04 Big City Orchestra – “Bulldog”
05 Mighy Mike – “Imagine a Jump”
06 People Like Us – “Trains and Blackbirds”
07 Sacred Cowboy – “Love from Abbey Road”
08 CCC & Ill Chemist – “She’s Slipping”
09 DJ BC – “Sure-Bla-Di Shot-Bla-Da”
10 CCC – “That’s All Yellow”
11 Go Home Productions – “Walrus Mama”
12 YITT – “About a Day Tripper”
13 DJ Z-Trip & DJ P – “Yesterday”
14 Kypski – “Kypski scratches the Beatles”
15 The Found Sound Orchestra – “Go Home”
16 Re-drum – “To Get Back Home”
17 Ed Solomon – “The Beatle Flying Saucer”

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Unknown said...

Hi Jon, I just discovered your amazing show/blog. Please help?
In the late 70s I heard my first real cut-up sound collage, but can't remember who did it or if it had a title.
Some of the predominant repetitions in it were:
"and it comes in a can"
"behind a steel bulkhead"
Lou Costello saying "Okay..."
a clip from what I now know is the 1971 film Shoot Out: "Numbers? Well... I worked in banks."
and "Casey at the bat" with the word "bat" replaced by a loud croak.
Does any of that ring a bell?

Jon Nelson said...

I believe it's "Dime Operation" by Orchid Spangiafora, which came out in 1978. Thanks for listening!

Unknown said...

That's it! I knew you'd know - grazie signore!
- Will