Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 21, 2009

Six of the artists in this week's show (episode 153) have previously responded to our ongoing attempt to profile the sound collage artists featured weekly on Some Assembly Required... The SAR Q&A will be heading into its fifth year in January, and there are well over 150 to browse at this point, so I thought I'd start pointing to a few of them weekly, to give listeners some insight into the artists played on each week's new program.

Check out the SAR Q&A with six of the eleven artists featured in Episode 153:
  • SAR Q&A with Jeffrey Sconce HERE.
  • SAR Q&A with The Freelance Hellraiser HERE.
  • SAR Q&A with DJ Qbert HERE.
  • SAR Q&A with Wax Audio HERE.
  • SAR Q&A with Girl Talk HERE.
  • SAR Q&A with Rob Swift HERE.

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Jon Nelson

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