Saturday, November 14, 2009

Episode 243, Some Assembly Required

Episode 243, Some Assembly Required
Featuring an interview with Wayne Butane

01 team9 - “Belinda's freakin out”
02 Cassetteboy – “Reading Pain In The Face Of A Duck”
03 The Evolution Control Committee - “I Want A Cookie”
04 Wayne Butane – “Nut roll (segment)”
05 Wayne Butane - “Ride The Monkey Bus (segment)”
06 Wayne Butane - “Backwash (segment)”
07 Wayne Butane - “Dr. Entozoan And The Pressed Ham Caper (segment)”
08 Wayne Butane – “How Bazooka Joe Lost An Eye (segment)”
09 Wayne Butane – “Countdown For George (segment)”
10 Wayne Butane – “The Lup Of Laxury (segment)”
11 Wayne Butane – “Backwash (segment)”
12 Wayne Butane – “Country Doctor Delivering A Baby (segment)”
13 Wayne Butane – “Gorilla Drafted Into The Marine Corps (segment)”
14 Wayne Butane – “Nut roll (segment)”
15 Wayne Butane – “Backwash (segment)”
16 Wayne Butane – “Nut roll (segment)”
17 Wayne Butane – “We Smell Sausage (segment)”
18 Wayne Butane – “C.G. And The B.L.'s (segment)”
19 Wayne Butane – “Super trace (segment)”
20 Wayne Butane – “I TP'd Chick Corea's Front Yard (segment)”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. It was really cool to be able to hear Wayne Butane in an actual interview. That guy has had me laughing hysterically for several years. It's pretty nifty to hear him speak about so many different things. I emailed him a few times several years back in regards to sound collage stuff I was doing and he was always nice enough to respond. No matter how much the stuff I've done or the material others have done makes me laugh, I can honestly say no sound collage artist has been funnier than Wayne. A lot of sound collage humor, including my own, tends to be more crude most of the time but Wayne runs the gamut. Totally juvenile to incredibly witty. Honestly, it's the witty stuff I really appreciate. We can all make funny low brow jokes but the clever stuff is more impressive and this guy has some good ones.