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Speaker Freaker

Speaker Freaker

From Minneapolis, Speaker Freaker is Political Humorist and Producer, Dave Anton. He's been producing his "Angry Minute" segment (heard on WCCO's Sports Tonight! with Dark Star) since 2000, along with quite a few of the more bitingly political sound collages which I've managed to get my hands on over the past few years. Some of the more compelling GWBush collages have come our way courtesy of Speaker Freaker. It should be very interesting to see how his work evolves now that his favorite foil is no longer in the public eye!

He's recently put together a collection called "A Year Of Angry Minutes." Check it out HERE. Without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with Speaker Freaker...

*Name: Speaker Freaker

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: Speak(er) Freaker was the original name. I currently do work as Doomsday Spastic. Speak(er) Freaker was the moniker of the time of Bush’s 1st Term. I’m GLAD you asked! Speak Freaker morphed into Speaker Freaker (Bush’s 2nd Term) and subsequently/currently Doomsday Spastic each representing different ideals and social frustrations. Doomsday Spastic refers to the Time on the Doomsday Clock… currently at 12 minutes to…

*Do you use a pseudonym? Some call me DISCO. But that’s just a Hair Thing.

*Members: Just myself, although I like to bring outside elements in, in the form of samples. For instance George W. Bush could be considered a band mate (though I have moved on…)

*Founding Members: Dave Anton

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: More like Media Manipulations, though by trade I DJ, and like to inject turntablism efforts here and there…

*Another genre descriptor: PlagiarPhonics? Kidding. no.

*Is there a story behind your name? Speak(er) Freaker came about as my mash-up style of combining sounds, rhythms, samples, with reckless regard and anticipated results.

*Location: Minneapolis, MN

*Original Location: Orig. Chicago, IL

*What is your creative/artistic background: As a lifelong Sound Man, DJ & Radio Announcer (now Production Jerk) the constant barrage of sound bytes, media snippets and blow-hard experts simply “got to me” … I had to do something to exorcise the 10,568 commercial messages bombarding my life every day.

*History: (7) years of producing listenable sounds.

*Born: Dave Anton: Jan. 12, 1964. Chicago, IL

*Motivations: Mostly out of frustration; sometimes I cannot believe there isn’t, hasn’t or won’t be a revolution??! Rampant gluttony. Environmental Ignorance. Who ISN”T looking around at what’s going on?? I really wanna know.

*Philosophy: By my Life’s End, I hope to regurgitate back into the face, the very entities that invaded my Life with useless, harmful, and derelict messages that, in the end, was only in the Name of Greed.

*How would you like to be remembered: He Stole Every thing. And Used it Beautifully.

*Web address:

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