Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009

May 24, 2009

is the featured artist in this week's episode, and since we've already run the SAR Q&A with him (way back in 2006 - check it out HERE), we'll go without a new addition this week. Be sure to check out our 2002 interview with Wobbly's Jon Leidecker though, in episode 39, HERE.

Fans of this show will definitely be interested in Leidecker's new online project, "Variations." The Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona has commissioned him to produce a radio documentary on the history of appropriation in sound collage and music. Here's a synopsis from the MACBA website:

"Variations" is a formal term used to describe music compositions that are based on a pre-existing piece of music. Starting with the precedents set by Charles Ives and John Cage, VARIATIONS presents the principal milestones of Sampling Music, looking at examples from 20th century composition, popular art and the mass media, and the way all of these currents converge today.

It's a six part series, of which the first installment is currently available. I am eagerly awaiting Part Two, which is set to be uploaded sometime in June, I believe. For now, you should definitely go check out "Variations #1" HERE.

Be sure to check out the Some Assembly Required interview with Wobbly, as well! Episode 39 is available HERE.

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