Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19, 2007

August 19, 2007

Episode number two?!? That's right, we're finally starting to dip into the first season of Some Assembly Required. This week's podcast (featuring a phone interview with Steinski) is only the second episode ever sent out in syndication, back in 2001, when it first started to seem like a good idea to see if there might be any interest in our program, outside of Minneapolis (and at the time, it even seemed like a bit of a stretch to imagine that there was much of an interest here)... The episode originally aired on KUOM, in Minneapolis, on June 23, 2001.

Episode 02 is arguably the most commercial episode we've ever produced, too - considering the widespread, if underground, popularity of Steinski. If you're more than just a passing fan of hip hop in general, or sound collage specifically, than you're definitely aware of Double Dee and Steinski, Steinski and Mass Media and Steve Stein (better known as Steinski). We recently ran the SAR Q&A with Steinski here at the Blog. You can check out the article HERE.

I'm starting to work key episodes from the past few years into the official on-air programming schedule, in an attempt to maintain a more realistic production schedule for myself. I'd like to continue doing this program for at least a couple more years, and the reduced workload will help guarantee that as an option. The other reason though, is that before I decided to sync the on-air schedule with the podcast schedule, the idea had been to get some older episodes online - some of the really good ones, in my opinion, such as this week's installment.

So, that's the upside - the fact that we're finally uploading some classic episodes. The downside is that... taking another listen to episode number two... I'm more than just a little aware, at times, of how green I often sounded on the microphone! Of course, the day will definitely come when even last week's episode (which was literally produced just ten days ago), will sound just the same way to me... I'll be cringing at every DJ break, wondering how I ever managed to sound so nervous. Anyway - I guess the point is, I hope you'll take into account the fact that this episode was produced quite a few years ago, back when I was first trying to figure out how to produce a radio program for more than just my own neighborhood. I really had to figure it all out on my own. In a way, I'm actually kind of proud of that fact...

The other cool thing to mention about this week's podcast (episode number two, of our fifteenth quarter in syndication, by the way) is that it was featured briefly in DJ Food's composition, Raiding the 2oth Century (see/hear Part III - Say Kids, What Time Is it?). I was very excited about this fact at the time (and now), as I'm a fan of DJ Food and of course felt an intimate connection with the subject matter of his composition. The mix was available at the DJ Food website when it was released in 2005 ... it has since been archived at - check it out HERE.

That's just about all there is to say about this week's episode (#02). Be sure to check out the SAR Q&A with Steinski HERE, and feel free to drop me a line - there's contact info at our Contact Page. Check out Steinski at his website, HERE.

As always, thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson

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Unknown said...

Hey Jon thank you so much for uploading this gem - I've head clips from it but not the entire thing so I got my closure :)

Keep up the mix of old and new, and thanks.