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Phatbastard is Matthieu Talbot, a French DJ who has been involved with the recently transplanted Bootie event, which has nights in California, New York and now France. The monthly mashup party, with its San Francisco roots, has now spread to several corners of the globe. Phatbastard has helped to give it wings.

He's got a website - HERE. He's a fan of Austin Powers. He likes to make people dance and he doesn't care what the future has to say about him... Who says the US has nothing in common with the French?

Without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with Phatbastard...

*Name: PhatBastard

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: "Digital deconstructions." I usually get acapellas and instrumentals on the web (on some P2P or from official remix contests). I use Sony Acid, T-racks and Audacity on a Sony Vaio laptop.

*Another genre descriptor: I'm just using the common names for that type of music: Mashup or Bootleg.

*Is there a story behind your name? Bill was my nickname in highschool. It became PhatBill when I started DJing (I'm a big FatBoy Slim fan). And It finally turned into PhatBastard when I released my first mashups. It’s the name of a character in Austin Powers movies. I like to see the reaction of the people when they see me for the first time ("But you’re not fat at all!" or "You don't really look like what I expected").

*Location: I live in Paris, France.

*What is your creative/artistic background: I've been DJing in bars and in small radio during a couple of years. Nothing "artistic" but the electronic music I used to play is still one of my biggest influence for my mashups.

*History: I started "producing" bootlegs in 2005. Very simple stuff (electro on electro).

*Born: I was born in 1981 in the east of France.

*Motivations: My main motivation is the dancefloor. Nothing can please me more than seeing people dancing on my stuff.

*Philosophy: A very important thing for me is to enjoy what you’re doing. Music is not my “job.” I'll stop producing and DJing when it won't be a pleasure anymore.

*How would you like to be remembered: I'm not sure I'll be remembered. But I don't really care.

*Web address:

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