Saturday, May 12, 2007

Altered Esthetics

No new Q&A this week, but check out last week's feature on Orchid Spangiafora, and click HERE to read the SAR Q&A with Ralph Johnson, of Public Works (posted 9/06), who I also recorded a phone interview with and featured in this week's podcast (episode 171). So, be sure to check out this week's brand new feature on Public Works!

"Some Assembly Required"

I attended the opening for Altered Esthetic's most recent show, Art For Other Senses, last weekend where I had the name of the radio program printed out in braille (above). Now that I think of it, it's a little ridiculous to post an image of a title printed in braille, but there it is... Art For Other Senses runs through May 24, here in Minneapolis, at 1224 Quincy Street, in Northeast Minneapolis. Check out their website for more information...

Stay tuned for next week's SAR Q&A with B'O'K!

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