Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 16, 2006

December 16, 2006

Wow, no featured Q&A this week. I believe that's only the second time this year, so I hope you'll forgive me! I sent out several requests for interviews but there have been no timely responses. If you're one of the artists I contacted, please do send your answers anyway and we'll work them in at a later date.

So, I'll try to think of something else to talk about here...

The featured Q&A next week is with mashup artist Party Ben. So, that's something to look forward to! We've been doing a lot of features on mashup artists here lately, which is fine of course but I do like to keep things more ballanced than that usually, so you can look forward to a bit more diversity in the coming months (meaning more features on other types of collage artists). I have Q&A's planned with Janek Schaefer, Ros Bobos, Rob Swift, Wax Audio and The Freelance Hellraiser, to name just a few. Keep coming back every week for new insights into the artists I play on the show. I promise to try and keep it interesting!

Also in January (probably late January), I'm planning on making the shift to podcasting brand new episodes of Some Assembly Required. If you're a regular listener, you probably know that the podcast has so far consisted of previously aired episodes of the program. This was an attempt to archive the shows online, while learning how to podcast. I feel pretty steady now, and ready to make the move to keeping the podcast schedule in sync with the broadcast schedule. I should probably put a page up somewhere listing all of the episodes, too. Another project to get to.

Finally, my show with Ruben Nusz (Create, Destroy, Repeat) is coming down on Monday, so if you're in the Twin Cities get down to see it today and tomorrow (at Rosalux Gallery). The last day of the exhibition is December 17th. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to go see it and to let me know! Ruben and I were very proud of the show and are kind of sad to have to take it down after this weekend. You can see two of the videos featured in the exhibition online. I've uploaded them to the Videos Page at the Escape Mechanism website. You can also read some of the press the show got at the News Page. The two videos online so far are "Let's Talk (Q&A)" by Fantastic Five (Carrie Shannahan and Sarah Petersen) and "Cycles" by John Richardson (R Room). The third video, by Coleman Miller, will go up just as soon as I get the file converted to something I know how to work with. Stay tuned!

Well, I do plan to return to posting the Q&A's next week. Tune in. We'll get back on the horse with our feature on Party Ben. This week's podcast is episode 125 - uploading as I finish up this post. Download it in just a couple of minutes!

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson

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