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October 1, 2006: Steve Dirkx

October 1, 2006: Steve Dirkx

This week's feature is on Steve Dirkx -- Stay tuned for episode 114, featuring 16 sound collages, including a track off of Steve Dirkx' CD, The Butcher's Covers...


Steve Dirkx

I first heard about Steve Dirkx from someone on Rumori, I think. I mentioned the Snuggles list last week; another listserv I joined, hoping to discover more about the world of sound collage, was set up by Steev Hise, from his website: I was planning a Beatles themed episode of the program and had asked for input. I can't remember for sure who sent me The Butcher's Covers on CD. It might have been Steev Hise or Wobbly, or it might have been Jim Allenspach, who has provided lots of great stuff over the years, or I might have gotten it from The Bran Flakes' Otis Fodder, who used to run a tape trading service called the MOFO Outreach Ministry. There have been a number of great friends to the show over the years and unfortunately I haven't kept the greatest notes about who sent what...

(the photo is of one of Dirkx other projects, The Telefones)

The Butchers Covers is a record of sound collages by Steve Dirkx, using The Beatles as source material, almost entirely. The original liner notes were photocopied and sent with the copy I received, and here's some of the text found below the tracklisting: I, Steven M. Dirkx, do affirm that I did willfully and with no malice aforethought, unlawfully tamper with the Sacred Recordings of the Cherished Tunesmiths, during the month of August, 1998... The title (by the way, a reference to a Beatles album cover which was apparently banned) was originally the much more descriptive, Beatles In A Blender.

What else can I tell you... What else do I know? Steve Dirkx is obviously a huge fan of The Beatles, and he played bass for a band called The Telefones, with his brother's Jerry and Chris (See image above). For more information, do your own google search! Here's a good intro though, via the SAR Q&A with Steve Dirkx...

*Name: Steve Dirkx, or The Butchers Covers

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: My current CD-R is called "That's CRAZY Music" (June, 2005).

*Do you use a pseudonym? Occasionally - L.S.D. (Little Stevie Dirkx)

*Another genre descriptor: Re-Creationist

*Why you use this descriptor: I just now made it up, because you asked for one. I don't really call myself anything in particular.

*Location: Dallas, TX

*Original Location: Moved around a lot (Army Brat).

*What is your creative/artistic background: Been writing songs, playing instruments, since approx. 1969. My first rock concert was Jimi Hendrix (Kansas City) after that I started wanting to MAKE music, not just listen to it. Also have been photographing since about 1966, did a lot of 'video' in the 80's and 90's. Currently do a lot of silly photoshopping. (I use 'Picture It' not photoshop, which I dislike).

*Born: Born in Hawaii (Army Base) 1954

*Motivations: Just have the urge. Ya hear something IN your head, and want to hear it OUTSIDE your head.

*Philosophy: No particular 'philosophy,’ that's pretentious. Although I prefer humor to seriousness.

*How would you like to be remembered: As someone who made interesting, off the beaten track stuff. Funny, but thoughtful.


Thanks to Steve Dirkx for being our featured artist this week at the blog! Check out episode 114 to hear a track off of his album, The Butcher's Covers, along with fifteen other tracks by sound collage artists from around the world.

Tune in next week for our feature on Big City Orchestra! Until then, thanks for listening -
Jon Nelson

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