Sunday, June 18, 2006

Episode 84, Some Assembly Required

Episode 84, Some Assembly Required

01 Messerchups - "Midnight"
02 Donna Summer - "Heels over head"
03 Alan Friedman - "Breakbeatles"
04 Idiom Creak - "Odysseus"
05 Antediluvian Rocking Horse - "Forward into the furniture"
06 Pop chop - "Comp-Elation"
07 Freelance Hellraiser - "It ain't hard to tell"
08 The Tape-beatles - "Thus"
09 Negativland - "View to the sun"
10 Ros Bobos - "I understand Peter"
11 The Tape-beatles - "Great difficulties"
12 V/VM - "Only you (ba da da da)"
13 Lecture on Nothing - "Memories"
14 The Bran Flakes - "Apples"

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silencios cuerdos said...

buen trabajo, me gusta mucho este programa de radio, esta muy bueno!!!

silencios cuerdos said...

dije que es un programa bueno, y que me gusta , salud!!!

Jon Nelson said...

A digital translator tells me Silencios Cuerdos was saying, "I say, this is a good program - I like! Good health!

Thank you!