Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Retropost - PART I

10/26/05 - Part I

Okay - so I actually started writing this blog last May, before I had figured out how/where I wanted to post it. So what do I do with those old posts? I guess I'll post them here...

(May 21, 2005)
Well today I start my new blog.

From what I've seen of other blogs, I guess I'm feeling pretty free to just write how I normally write - free association, basically. Like a journal entry, but less personal. I've been keeping a journal since the 2nd grade, so this should be a piece of cake.

Since Some Assembly Required airs on a weekly basis (on college, public and community radio stations across the US and Canada), I'll probably end up primarily focusing on that week's episode. I plan to post the playlist and I'd like to do a weekly focus on artists who receive airplay on the show, but that all depends on how receptive the individual artists are to answering questions. If you get played on SAR, expect an email at some point this year, with a handful of VERY basic questions about you and your work. I'd like to compile a little collection of small bios about the artists featured on the show.

Here's what I played today on Some Assembly Required, in Minneapolis (on Radio K). Keep in mind that the shows don't air in syndication until usually a couple of months after they initially air in the Twin Cities, and when they do air in syndication, its completely up to the individual stations as to when they choose to air them (or if they play them at all, in some cases!), so there's probably not much consistency in scheduling. Contact your local station for more information about the days and times SAR airs in your neighborhood. Here's today's (May 21, 2005) playlist:

01 People Like Us - “OB & Cha Cha”
02 Cassetteboy – “Scrap Heap Services”
03 Kid Koala – “Drunk Trumpet”
04 Picasio - “Do you really like it”
05 The Bran Flakes – “No More Free Will”
06 Jason Forrest - “10 Amazing Years”
07 Christian Marclay – “Louis Armstrong”
08 Freddy Fresh – “Music For The Younger Set”
09 David Shea – “Track 18 (Let's Entertain, Disc 2)”
10 Cassetteboy – “Fred Horse “
11 Idiom Creak – “Jean Luke's Room”
12 The Who Boys - “Mr. Davidson”
13 Escape Mechanism – “Worship”
14 Brian Eno & David Byrne – “Moonlight In Glory”
15 DJ Danger Mouse – “Moment of Clarity”

I produced this show this morning on the way into the studio, which is how I usually do it, actually. I'll put together the playlist Friday night and lay out the order in which I'm going to play the tracks and then get up early Saturday morning and plan my breaks. A common criticism I've received in the past is that I don't talk enough on the air, so I've started doing more research to find more to say about the tracks being played, rather than just creating a playlist and back announcing everything. I've always enjoyed keeping it very straightforward, letting the work speak for itself (keeping my own personality out of the mix as much as is possible), but I can definitely see the importance of providing a little background on the work featured, so I've been giving myself more time to talk these days.

I guess I started this story with the idea that I'd share some pointless bit of info about the show each week, such as this one: I usually have it timed out right down to the wire and end up burning each week's episode to CDR with about thirty minutes to drive to the studio at Radio K. Well, this week I've been feeling pretty sick, so in my somewhat groggy state I accidentally burned a data CD instead of an audio disc and the reason the show started a few minutes late was because that’s about how long it took to burn the extra CD this morning! See? Pretty pointless little story, but maybe it sheds a little light on the show, or my life, which is the underlying feature of this blog, I guess -- and in the future I'll try to keep it more interesting!

This week's photo (above) is a collage I did a few years ago. In the future it will have more to do with that week's entry. Okay. Thanks for reading!
Jon Nelson


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