Friday, April 14, 2023

Episode 294, Some Assembly Required

01 Livehuman – “One for D”
02 Hal Willner – “A Night at The Playpen”
03 Ingrid De Lambre/Eddie Def - “Poeisies, Scene 1 Le Blues”
04 Presage – “Aliens”
05 Emperor Penguins – “Doobah”
06 Ellipse Elkshow – “Try to Relax”
07 Tom Recchion – “Chaotica”
08 Professor Brian Oblivion – “Wondering Why”
09 The Bran Flakes – “Relax”
10 Substandard Baking Soda – “Relax Deeply”
11 ToToM – “Some Mister Jimmy Walker to Love”
12 Klarc Qent – “The Cliff & The Fall”
13 Ursula 1000 – “What is Jazz?”
14 Sweet Robots Against The Machine – “Sampling Principle”

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Francis said...

A real mixed bag of jazzy scratchy hip hop. A musical journey all the way. A fun listen as always. I look forward to the new installment each month. Keep it up!

Jon N said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon. I love your show! It's been a great source of fun and inspiration for me for years. I've been playing around with manipulations and mashups, mostly for my own pleasure, but I decided to put some of it up. Feel free to check it out:

Jon Nelson said...

Thanks for writing - I'll check it out! Jon N