Saturday, January 14, 2023

Episode 292, Some Assembly Required

01 The Avalanches – “Livin' Underwater (Is Somethin' Wild)”
02 The Avalanches (feat. Danny Brown)– “The Wozard of Iz”
03 The Soft Pink Truth – “Gender Studies”
04 Instamatic – “Plainclothes Ticket Man”
05 DJ Swamp – “Feed The Hand That Bites You”
06 iWillBattle – “The Winner Takes Pork And Beans”
07 Ergo Phizmiz – “Dynoro Gigi Dagostino In My Mind”
08 Splatt – “The Tao of Junk”
09 DJ Signify – “Fly Away”
10 Wayne Butane – “Dead Monkey Arcade”
11 Smija – “Can’t Hold the Night”
12 Cassetteboy – “Cassetteboy vs The News (2012)”
13 James Tenney – “Collage #2 (Viet Flakes)”

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Francis said...

Another great episode. A little old - a little new.
Enjoyed hears some of the older songs mashed up.
Think I heard some Carpenters in there somewhere!
Never stops to amaze me the creative possibilities contained in this art form.

Thank you for curating and making this available!


Jon N said...


Jon N said...


Tim from Radio Clash said...

The Carpenters was my fault, sorry ;-)

Tim (Instamatic, et al)

Thanks again for the play!