Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Episode 273, Some Assembly Required

01 DJ Schmolli & Lobsterdust– “Crazy Diamonds in the Midnight Scrubs”
02 Pepe Deluxe – “The Ride”
03 DJ BC – “I’m Happy (On Sesame Street)”
04 Beats International – “Invasion of the Estate Agents”
05 DJ Food – “Pinball Number Count”
06 Atmosphere – “Shrapnel”
07 Atom – “Pinball Number Count (Math Problem Mix)”
08 The Forger – “Breakdown”
09 Ill Logic & Graf – “Shoot Out”
10 DJ BC – “Scooter and the Computer Worms”
11 Mad Mix Mustang – “Your Love I Need”
12 Go Home Productions – “GHP Goes Bananas”
13 The Orb – “Little Fluffy Clouds”

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Gonzo said...

Hi Jon-

We carried SAR at my undergrad radio station some years ago - thrilled to see that you are still doing the work, and look forward to catching up on content.

As fate would have it, I'm currently Faculty Advisor for a different college station - wondering if there is possibility of running the podcast over the air. Happy to talk more outside of the blog if you like.

all best,


Jon Nelson said...

That sounds great! I was hoping to hear from folks like you, this time out, though I’m not promoting it quite like I used to.

Anyway, yes. Go right ahead and thanks for getting in touch. I’ll look for how to contact you,
Jon N