Thursday, February 11, 2021

Back in the year 2000, I mustered up the courage to get Don Joyce on the phone and blasted through a long interview with him, despite having little idea what I was doing.

Twenty years later, listening again to what was my first ever radio interview, I’m surprised how good it came out, considering the circumstances.

Here’s both parts of that first ever interview, for Some Assembly Required. I’m including the whole recording, as a kind of time capsule, but couldn't resist playing some music, too. (Only a small part of our conversation aired HERE, in 2001).

Available Now! For the First Time Ever! Enjoy!

The Full 2000 Phone Interview with Negativland's Don Joyce
Part One HERE
Part Two HERE

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wha said...

Long time listener, first time commenter.

I thought my podcast software was throwing errors when I was getting notices about some assembly required... I'm very excited you are posting new shows as podcasts!

I first learned of Negativland on this show long ago, and really enjoyed hearing this interview -- Thanks so much for posting it. I thought it was interesting he was a radio ham in addition to his over the edge work -- it adds some context to the shortwave, WWV, SSB, and CW samples sprinkled throughout some of the recordings like "time zones".

Anyway, staying tuned and looking forward to more -- Thank you!!

Jon Nelson said...

Thanks so much for writing - Glad to know you’re listening!
Don was the real deal.
Jon N