Thursday, December 10, 2020

Episode 263, Some Assembly Required

01 Cut Master D.C. – “Santa’s Beat Box (Instrumental)”
02 V/VM – “What’s In Our Christmas Stocking?”
03 Satan’s Little Helper – “All Your Christmases (Part One)”
04 People Like Us – “Christmas Show (edit)”
05 Divide and Kreate – “Little Breakbeat Boy”
06 King of Pants – “Alala Falala Hasselhoff”
07 Satan’s Little Helper – “All Your Christmases (Part Two)”
08 Faroff – “A Message To You, Santa Claus”
09 Mr. Fab & RIAA – “G-L-O-RIAA”
10 Mojochronic – “White Christmadness”
11 Santa Cloud – “Hypercannon”
12 Satan’s Little Helper – “All Your Christmases (Part Three)”
13 Derek B/Run-DMC/Kurtis Blow – “Santa Medley”
14 James Covenant – “Captain Picard Sings ‘Let It Snow!’”
15 James Covenant – “Silent Night By Chewbacca”
16 The Found Sound Orchestra – “Sleighing Bells”
17 DJ BC – “Jack Frost vs. The Weatherman”
18 Satan’s Little Helper – “All Your Christmases (Part Four)”
19 Kittinfish Mountain – “Jingle Bells”
20 Satan’s Little Helper – “All Your Christmases (Part Five)”
21 DJ Tripp – “Just Like Rudolph”

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datakid said...

WHAAAAAA. I was just listening this morning to episodes 79 and 216 (random selection) and thought I'd come check how you were going. Thanks, looking forward to it.

Jon Nelson said...

You're the first to discover this, as I haven't promoted it yet at all. Not sure I even will. Maybe word of mouth will be enough.
Happy holidays! Jon

Kevin Allison said...

Such a lovely surprise! A new Some Assembly Required episode!

dj BC said...

Excellent. Thanks for including me me friend, and Merry Christmas!!!

Darin R. McClure said...

Oh my gosh thank you!!! Bring back your podcast!!!

Jon Nelson said...

Thanks, Kevin, BC, Darin... Hope you had a good Christmas! :) I do plan to do at least a short run of new episodes. Maybe every other week? Stay tuned... Happy New Year!