Sunday, January 30, 2011

Episode 23, Some Assembly Required

Episode 23, Some Assembly Required

01 Public Works - “Mortal mind”
02 Realistic - “I am what?”
03 Steve Fisk - “Government figures”
04 Lecture on Nothing - “Forward to victory”
05 Coil - “Who’ll fall?”
06 The Bran Flakes - “The intoxicating reverberasia lot”
07 Silica-Gel - “Master of the game”
08 Escape Mechanism - “Being”
09 The Evolution Control Committee - “Nothing really matters”
10 Steve Fisk - “I wish I were dead, part 1”
11 The Tape-beatles - “Please help me”
12 The Evolution Control Committee - “I don’t care”
13 Rik Rue - “The never nothing”
14 Tim Maloney - “Crash!”
15 Steve Fisk - “No 2nd chance”
16 Silica-Gel - “Sum of your life”
17 People Like Us - "(untitled)"

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hn3000 said...

I just wish you'd explain the numbering scheme somewhere ... is this a repeat of an older episode or are the episodes simply not numbered strictly ascending?

Also: it's a shame you stopped producing new episodes, some assembly required is great! I'm just glad that there's a large archive of existing episodes ...

Jon Nelson said...

I think I've talked about this somewhere, it's probably buried in the blog though...

Basically, a couple of years ago I stopped uploading brand new episodes every week (the pressure of completing a new episode each week was starting to get to me) and every other week I'd upload an older episode which hadn't yet been podcast. The goal was to get every single episode online (which I very nearly finished last year and hope to wrap up soon).

So, the episodes were produced in the order they are numbered - they were just sometimes uploaded to the podcast out of order. Hope that answers your question!

thanks for writing,
Jon Nelson