Saturday, January 23, 2010

Episode 248, Some Assembly Required

Episode 248, Some Assembly Required

01 The Found Sound Orchestra – “Little La La”
02 Stock, Hausen & Walkman – “Vinyl retentive”
03 The Bran Flakes – “Feelings”
04 The Kleptones – “1800 War Of Confusion”
05 Pop Will Eat Itself – “There Is No Love Between Us Anymore”
06 Twink – “Hammer”
07 Phil Milstein – “Louie”
08 The Kleptones – “Bo”
09 DJ T-Rock – “Out of Control”
10 Osymyso – “The Return Of An Old Friend”
11 Contemporary Casuals – “This Is All Wrong”
12 Lecture On Nothing – “It Means Nothing To You”
13 Go Home Productions – “Work It Out With A Foxy Lady”
14 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Electronic Behavior Control System”
15 DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump”

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Fungud said...

Please, please, please, create a torrent for all these and save thousands of your fans the associated Carpel Tunnel syndrome from clicking 3 times each of 200+ shows to listen to your work. Pleeease?

Jon Nelson said...

Thanks for listening! Sorry I don't know how to do that. I will add it to my to-do list of things to figure out. :) Jon