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December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

Seven of the artists in this week's show (Episode 154) have previously responded to our ongoing attempt to profile the sound collage artists featured on Some Assembly Required... There are well over 150 of these online features to browse at this point... Check out these seven for starters...

• SAR Q&A with Dickie Goodman's son, Jon Goodman, HERE.
• SAR Q&A with Aggro1 HERE.
• SAR Q&A with Fortyone HERE.
• SAR Q&A with Speaker Freaker HERE.
• SAR Q&A with The Tape-beatles HERE.
• SAR Q&A with The Freelance Hellraiser HERE.
• SAR Q&A with Greg Carr HERE... Be sure to also check out Episode 154 for our radio interview with Greg Carr HERE.

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