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Voicedude is DJ Joel-Steven. He's a voiceover artist and Mashup producer from California, with dozens of Bastard Pop tracks to his name. Check them out HERE, and at his Myspace page.

In addition to recording Mashups and voiceovers, Joel-Steven keeps busy with a variety of radio and theater work, including writing, producing and acting, and has done everything from emceeing and DJing, to performing and consulting for the folks at Disneyland, in Anaheim California.

His original, holiday-themed track, "All I Want For Christmas (Is Peace On Earth)," was included on the Canadian Bullseye Records release, "Takin' Care Of Christmas," released in 2001. Check it out HERE.

Without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with Voicedude...

*Name: Voicedude

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: DJ Joel-Steven

*Members: Just little, ol' me: DJ Joel-Steven. aka 'Voicedude'.

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: To me, they're just mashups (or remixes if it's all from one source). On my Voicedude business card, it says 'creator of aural pleasures'...

*Is there a story behind your name?
I took that name as a mashup artist since I do voiceover work. 'Voiceman' was apparently already taken, so I chose something that reflected my Southern California roots....

*Location: Born in L.A., and mostly raised in Orange County ('the O.C.') And 'yes', I've worked at Disneyland (a lot in the 90's, in fact!) And I've also done work for The Angels and The Ducks. And 'no', I don't go to the beach every day - rarely, in fact!

*Original Location: (Los Angeles)

*What is your creative/artistic background: Been editing (reel-to-reel, Tascam multis, etc.) since the late 70's. Had my own home recording studio in the 80's (mostly for originals). Been digital editing after being introduced to ProTools in the 90's.

*History: Nothing all that spectacular was required of the radio network I was working for (as head of Production), but using ProTools lit a spark of creativity for me that has never left. At the end of the decade, D-Land asked me to do a 1999 / Millennium mix for the Grad Nights. It took 52 studio hours to create a 3 1/2 minute megamix, to which they built a laser and fireworks show shown at Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Discovered mashups in mid-2004, and started making my own ever since...

*Born: I was born in LA on March 26th, 1959. (OK... say it! I'm a 'Geez'! Even I can't believe my age!) I was almost born in the Death Valley desert the day before, due to rolling our VW and trailer on the famed Route 66. My first club DJ gig was in 1978, (I had a good fake ID at the time...).

*Motivations: I have perfect pitch, so often I'll hear a song on the radio or somewhere and I'll begin to sing a different tune over it. This is the best way I know to see how well these songs work together.

I am a musician, so first and foremost it has to work musically. Too many off notes of weird sections and it'll usually end up in the trash bin before anyone else ever hears it. Secondly, I'm sort of known for my thematic mashups; Johnny Cash's "The Man In Black" over Will Smith's "Men In Black", for instance. This also provides for some clever lyrical interplay in some sections. I also love a good culture clash. If the two source materials elicit a 'those two don't belong together' response before they hear it, then the better the reaction when they hear how well they actually do fit! But just because two songs are in the same key doesn't mean that they'll work well together. The real proof usually comes when the 'bridge' of a song kicks in. A bridge can take a song in just about any musical direction - that's the whole point of them: to liven up and refresh a song after the verses and choruses are established. But when one song's bridge fits over another song's bridge - well, that's synchronicity designed by the muses!

*How would you like to be remembered:
As someone who has left this world a better place than the way he found it. Seriously I have saved a life or two in my time (the first time at 13!), and I've raised two lovely & talented daughters, but I'm talking about something really meaningful, perhaps even profound. Artistically, I'd like to leave behind just one 'evergreen', something that'll still be around long after I am gone. Gee, I've only been a professional entertainer for 33 years, so hey, I've got time! I'm still rather young, after all!

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