Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13, 2009

June 13, 2009

No new Q&A this week, but I feel obligated to say hello anyway... Really though, the only thing I can think to mention is the fact that Jon Leidecker just announced Episode Two of his new Variations documentary. Check it out HERE.

I so enjoyed the first installment, I've actually been digging into a more recent pile of articles and essays amassed on the subject of sound collage. I have a tendency to collect these things and then sit on them, having done more than my fair share of reading on the subject, over the past several years.

The more scholarly aspects of this world were not what initially attracted me to it, but from time to time I rediscover the desire to learn more about the theory, and especially the history of the world of sound collage, and so I've learned to put things aside for when those times come. Leidecker's documentary on sound collage goes in depth, while remaining both thoughtful and entertaining. It has at least temporarily reawakened my curiosity (there's always more to discover), and I'm finding myself hitting the books!

Here's a portion of what The Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona's website says about Variations, Part 2...

If music hesitated to follow the lead of the visual arts in the field of collage, it made up for lost time in the 1960's. Breakthroughs in high fidelity sound, an influx of consumer level tape recorders, and the continued influence of television building the notion of the Global Village were among the factors that led to an explosion in collage based composition...

...Now go and give it a listen.

Oh, and you should download this week's episode (233) of Some Assembly Required as well, of course. It features new and old mashups, new and old cut-ups, a short theme of collages incorporating sounds found in video games, some glitch pop, some hip hop... Frankly, if you've read this far, I probably don't really need to sell you on it, do I? Check it out HERE...

Thanks for listening!

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