Friday, November 23, 2007

Episode 59, Some Assembly Required

Episode 59, Some Assembly Required

01 DJ Pantshead - “Technobilly”
02 Orchid Spangiafora - “Coarse fish”
03 Negativland - “Bite back”
04 Carl Stone - “Flints”
05 DJ Haste - “Styles to kiss”
06 The Piss - “Sound art”
07 The Button - “What’s prayer”
08 Realistic - “Hopeless romantic tragedy”
09 John Oswald - “Clouds cast”
10 People Like Us - “Well I”

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Charles Swenson said...

You've done a great thing here, Jon!

sahicurn AT gmail DOT com

Jon Nelson said...

Thanks Charles,
I can't tell you how awesome it is to hear that people are still finding out about and enjoying the show.

Thanks for writing!
Jon Nelson