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DJ Foundation

DJ Foundation

There was no way we could have played Side A of this seven inch, out on Metal Postcard, but we did find room for the B side, here on Some Assembly Required, as it seemed just a little less likely to lose us any stations within earshot of the Bible belt. It's as frustrating to describe a sound collage record in terms of what the FCC would have to say, as it is to define it by a list of the samples you can pick out, but if you've ever heard Side A ("(Have They Not Heard) God is Dead"), then I doubt you're shaking your head too vehemently right now. When an artist works this hard to offend, it's hard not to point it out...

DJ Foundation is Ali Falsafi, from Mosul, Iraq. With the aid of his Uncle's computer, and an ample helping of what would appear to be the exact same kind of political angst responsible for so many of the American cut-ups we hear from week to week on Some Assembly Required, Falsafi has come up with two tracks which have been both praised and hated, probably in equal measure. There are more tracks at his Myspace Page, as well, where he responds to criticism by saying, "I cause no harm to all. I want peace for the future. I am a musician not a fighter."

It's quite compelling to read some of the hate mail he's received, when you consider the facts that:
a) at least one review has pointed out that the artist appears to be anti-Muslim, not anti-Christian,
b) some of the angriest comments he's received have come from US Soldiers, and
c) so many have come to see the US/Iraq conflict as a religious one...

But that's just the political angle. Check out episode #185, or the tunes at his myspace page, to see if there isn't even more to say about it. Without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with DJ Foundation...

*Name: DJ Foundation

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: Some people describe it wrong and bad but for me it’s fun!

*Members: One and my uncle helps me with his computer.

*Founding Members: Ali Falsafi

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: I make music for fun. I like to make rock and dance beats from the CDs and radio.

*Another genre descriptor: My friends say "Iraq n' roll!”

*Is there a story behind your name? Foundation is The Base. I look for the Base and the bass.

*Location: Mosul, Iraq

*What is your creative/artistic background: Now it is a war here in Iraq and very violence everywhere. This makes me stay at the house and work to make music because it is too dangerous to go the market and see friends in the café.

*History: I was born Mosul, Iraq ‘86. I was making music with my friends from 14 years.

*Born: 1986

*Motivations: I like to make big beats for my fun. I want to make people dance and laugh. From his myspace page: “We have danger in Iraq but we try to live and I'm keeping with music and I will have new tunes for you soon. I am so happy that people like my music! …Many people ask why I make my tunes, I answer I hear all music on radio & CDs and I like making beats with them. Sorry that some are angry from my music, it is just fun for me and you can say what you think.”

*Philosophy: Peace

*How would you like to be remembered: I want to be remembered by my friends and fans.

*Web address:

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