Monday, November 06, 2006

Episode 119, Some Assembly Required

Episode 119, Some Assembly Required

01 DJ Jimmie Jam – “Jimmie's Jam”
02 Brian Eno & David Byrne – “Help Me Somebody”
03 Emergency Broadcast Network – “3:7:8”
04 Freelance Hellraiser – “I Feel Kylie”
05 Lecture On Nothing – “Strap It On”
06 Laso Halo – “And I was a play horse you pull with a string”
07 Corporal Blossom – “The Christmas song (chestnuts)”
08 Myeck Waters – “Perhaps you are living”
09 Escape Mechanism – “The Recap”
10 The Tape-beatles – “The law of repetition”
11 Greg Carr – “Remote viewing in an emptying house”
12 IDC - “Hey Mug”
13 Kid Koala – “Music for Morning People”
14 John Oswald – “WX (track one)”
15 DJ Food – “Turtle soup (wagon christ mix)”

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1 comment:

Jon Nelson said...

IAN S Wrote today, about SAR episode 119...

"HI there,
The other group used in the 'I Feel Kylie' mix is 'Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved'

But I'm not sure it was mixed by Freelance Hellraiser ... possibly Frenchbloke!? according to this site:

Kylie Minogue vs Depeche Mode (Frenchbloke) - I feel Kylie...

Keep up the good work ;-)
Ian S"

...and he could be right. In my recent interview with The Freelance Hellraiser we learned that there are lots of improperly credited mashups out there - many to him. Perhaps this is one of them!

I love the internet for bringing us closer to tracks we might never have heard otherwise, but hate how sloppy it is in matters such as this! I guess you gotta take the bad with the good...

Thanks for writing, Ian!
Jon Nelson