Sunday, September 03, 2006

Episode 110, Some Assembly Required

Episode 110, Some Assembly Required

01 Radar & Z-Trip – “Private Parts”
02 Antediluvian Rocking Horse – “The Premier Needs Protection”
03 Jason Forrest – “180 Mar Ton”
04 Jeff Sconce - “Lacan-bot”
05 Realistic – “Trademark massage”
06 Myeck Waters – “Get out of the way”
07 TiM G – “Voodoo Problems”
08 David Shea – “(untitled)”
09 Go Home Productions – “Karma in the life”
10 Lecture On Nothing – “Truckload Of Bibles”
11 Sucking Chest Wound – “Big Head”
12 Pauline Pantsdown – “I don't like it”
13 Pedro Rebelo – “...Just Cartoon Music”
14 Freddy Fresh – “The Real Pro (Nanada Music)”
15 Negativland – “Sycamore”
16 Tedshred – “We will rock U”

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A.Macgregor said...

Hi Jon,

do you have a direct email contact for Tedshred?

I was just enjoying his we will rock you cover and wanted to speak with him.



Jon Nelson said...

Hi Andy!
You didn't give me your email address, so I'll just leave a reply here. Maybe you'll check back.

I don't have contact info for this artist (for the record, I wouldn't post it here, publicly) but might be able to answer your questions if you want to contact me directly, via email. I'm at:
assembly (at) detritus (dot) net

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson