Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Episode 98, Some Assembly Required

Episode 98, Some Assembly Required
(featuring a TV theme)

01 The Art of Noise – “Paranoimia”
02 Unknown – “Weakest link”
03 Osymyso – “Pat 'n' Peg (Eastenders remix)”
04 Jabberwocky – “Cosby”
05 Negativland – “I believe its L”
06 The Jams – “Hey hey we are not the Monkees”
07 Omer Fast – “CNN concatenated (Part VII)”
08 People Like Us – “TV dinner”
09 The Bran Flakes – “Turn the channel, its another commercial”
10 Escape Mechanism – “Culture”
11 Steinski and Mass Media – “We’ll be right back”

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Anonymous said...

The bleeped version of "Pat'n'Peg" makes me really depressed... Why bother.

Jon Nelson said...

Yeah, like I mentioned in a previous post - it was a dumb idea. I went through and put them all in (beeps), so I could play the song on the air. Then, when listening to it - as it aired - at first I was amused by it, and then just kind of embarrassed. oh well. You can download the uncensored version at:
or, at Osymyso's website:

thanks for listening!
jon nelson